Easyhouse S.A.

Easypower possesses 52% of the building company Easyhouse.

Easyhouse was founded in 2007in order to:

  1. Buy land and build urban and holiday residences with a “bio-climate” character and special characteristics regarding earthquake resistance, heat insulation, electrical and mechanical infrastructure, etc.
  2. Studies and analysis regarding building, electrical, mechanical, Industrial, and power projects
  3. The design, supervision and construction of such projects
Its capital is 110.000 €

Easypower Cyprus Ltd.

Easypower holds 100% of Easypower Cyprus Ltd based in Lefkosia in Cyprus, The company holds a capital of 100.000€ and invests and installs Renewable Power Sources systems. The company also participates in International bids but also in local bids by building strategic partnerships with major Worldwide and Cyprus companies.

General Manager Easypower Cyprus:
Liasidis Pavlos

Kennedy Avenue 67, Office 102,
1076 Lefkosia
Tel.: +357 22 446666
Fax: +357 22 446668