Sunpower Corp.

Easypower in order to achieve a long time operational status together with a top performance installation in its PV Stations, invests and mostly uses the American Sunpower PV Panels.

Easypower has already installed 4,5 MW of Sunpower PV Panels all around Greece.

Sunpower builds the most efficient panels in the world and is one of the top 5 companies in this sector in the whole world. Its turnover in 2010 was around 1 Billion €.

Easypower for the periods of 2010 and 2011 bought the largest Number of Sunpower PV Panels across Greece.

Electricity Authority of Cyprus (EAC)

Our company cooperates with EAC for the implementation of a joint investment for a unique prototype solar thermal station in Nicosia in Cyprus. The total power of the station will be 25.5MW and the total cost is estimated at 114million €.

Energy Lines Ltd

Our company works closely with the company energy lines in order to install domestic PV roof systems around Attika

Porfyris Energy

Our company also works closely with the company Porfyris Energy for the installation of domestic PV roof systems and also small PV systems in the areas of Thesprotia and Ioannina (Northwest of Greece)