Easy Power (Cyprus) Ltd with great pleasure received today a 5.58MW PV station License from Cyprus Energy Regulatory Authority (CERA). This PV station license is the first license issued from CERA that allows the operation of the station under the Free Competitive Electricity Market Rules. It is a license that our company has applied on May 2012 having foreseen much earlier than anyone else in the Cyprus Energy Market the cost reduction of PV stations equipment that eventually would allow at an energy production cost lower than the cost of power stations that use fossil fuels.

The license came after long waiting and after our company submitted recourse against CERA for freezing our application. The decision of the Administration Court of Cyprus on September of 2016 where it was decided that the freeze of our application by CERA for more than 4 years did not correspond with their obligations as Regulatory Authority and that they should follow the process of evaluation of Easy Power (Cyprus) Ltd applications.

Easy Power (Cyprus) is also waiting for another approval by CERA for a PV station license of 4.69MW power for which the application was also submitted on May 2012. According to our plan the installation of the two PV stations will start on 2018 allowing Easy Power (Cyprus) to become the 1st independent power producer in Cyprus using RES.