• Our company holds 100% of a PV station with an output of 99kW near village Paos in Achaia and of a 500KW PV station on the top of an industrial roof top in the area of Markopoulo Attikis (Greece)
  • Our company through a consortium holds 90% of PV stations which are installed in rooftops totalingin output power
  • Easypower also holds a very important share from the three companies which possess a total output power of 2,500kW in Rhodes.
  • Our company is the first company that applied in Cyprus, for the installation of a 10.000kW PV station with 4MWh battery energy storage system. The license for which we have applied is for the production of energy that will be sold directly to large customers in Cyprus without FIT (competitive market). This project is unique even for the European energy market since it is probably the 1st time a company using Renewable Energy Sources wishes to sell energy directly to its large customers and not to the grid.